Halloween (by Ken Tarter)

(submited by Ken Tarter, Geneva, Illinois)

My kids, L, M 'n O, are 3yrs 8mos old and for some reason that I did not understand, I decided to go home this year for trick or treating. My heart wasn’t in it, but I made the commitment to go. My father was never part of t-o-t when I was a kid. Nor was my step-mother. They gave us a shove out the door and an admonition regarding curfew. Of course, that was later – the years that I remember – so I guess “mom” was there when we were younger.

So there I was for not necessarily all the right reasons, but I was there. It seems to me that is the way with dads of multiples - at least more so than other dads. I guess we just consider our odds and consider ourselves fortunate. That’s how it is with those who are fortunate anyway. Because for every two dads we know with healthy children, we know one dad whose children have some handicap – the way of higher-order multiples. My girls (2 girls and a boy, by the way), have some permanent hearing loss and I consider myself extremely lucky to have this smallest of handicaps. We all know plenty with much more sever conditions. Anyway, for whatever reason, I was there. Dads of trips are always just… there. That’s how it is. Despite whatever upbringing or family relationships we had. There we are.

And there I was. I arrived after the first round with Mom. It waas difficult to get the usual hugs and kisses and “Daddy-Daddy’s” with a fresh haul of candy burning a hole in their plastic pumpkins. So after a round of eating candy like it was going out of style, I took them out. In total, they probably hit 20 houses – 10 or so with Mom and another 10 or so with me. It was non-eventful (to me) and that was all they could take. All-in-all, a good outing with the kids. There was no fighting, no whining, no “I want this” or “that”. A good outing – h---, a great outing!

So after trick-or-treating, wife asks O, “Did you have fun trick-or-treating?” (I doubt they remember last year).
He says, “Yeah, with Daddy.”
“Not Mommy?”, she questioned.
Matter-of-factly, he said, “With Daddy. Because he was there.”

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