Lean on Me

{Father's Corner article originally written in 1998 when our boys were four}

Raising triplets can put a tremendous strain on family finances. We all know that. With this strain comes added pressure to succeed in your job, business and career; knowing that in not that many years, you’re looking at around $100,000 a year to send them to college. And invariably over a career there will be times when things don’t go your way. When that happens you may find, like me, that these three additions to your family who arrived as a surprise, demanding every bit of time and energy during their early years can begin to play a different role in your life.

For four years, our boys have depended on us for everything - food, clothing, diapers, feeding, love and support. As parents, we worked harder than we could ever have imagined, on not enough sleep, in a world that is turned upside down. Most people go home to relax. With triplets, you go to work to relax. And when work gets to be stressful, life gets tough. At this point something wonderful can happen. You find yourself spending time with your children, not because they need it, but because you need it. You need to feel their affection, their love. They could care less what your boss said to you or how your career is progressing. They are genuinely excited to see you, to be with you. Your own built-in cheerleading squad! To them, you’re Daddy. It’s that simple - nothing complicated about it, no strings attached. Just pure love times three. It’s truly amazing that three children who came into this world so fragile can grow, in four short years, to become an incredible source of strength --- strong enough for daddy to lean on.


At September 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"With triplets, you go to work to relax."
Almost everyday, brother, work is more relaxing than being at home.
-Father of 3yr old trips


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