It's getting harder

Mom (looking outside): "why is dad laying on the ground?"

Json: "he's celebrating"

Mom: "celebrating what?"

Json: "he beat me in tennis - he thinks it's funny..."

Ason and Json made the middle school tennis team this year. Tson likes to play but doesn't play on the team. Dad has a new way of working out. The boys play rock/paper/scissors to decide who plays dad first. Then second, and maybe a third (although dad rarely lasts past match #2). One set each. I can still hold off son #1. By son #2, I'm really tired and they've learned to just lob the ball barely over the net to make me run. Json almost beat me that way the last time. I managed to pull through but just barely. I celebrated like I'd just won the US Open. Json just rolled his eyes and went inside.


At September 18, 2006, Blogger 3rs said...

I love your new blog theme.


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