Homework and the 10 second rule

Remember the ten second rule? For those of you that have had three kids at different times, you know how it works... The first one got their binkie boiled any time it hit the floor. The second one got it washed off, the third one got it put directly back into their mouth as long as it hadn't been on the floor for more than ten seconds.

Homework with triplets can suffer similar effects if you're not careful. After helping the first one do his math problems, it's hard to have the same patience with the second one. Especially when they are the same problems. By the time you get to the third, you're running to the copy machine (yes, we have a copy machine - a must if you have older triplets). I guess the secret is to do the homework in a different order each day so the third son who basically gets his answers handed to him isn't always the same son.

English homework assignments are much tougher. You can't really replicate the problem solving process. The best you can do is speed up the transcription. Using the computer helps. That way, no one can tell who's typing. If it's early or on the weekend, the boys type in their own papers. If it's late (past dad's bedtime), then we go into power typing mode where son A, B or C reads his paper while dad power types. We turn spell check on and walla - save and print.

If you have other helpful hints on getting through a triplet set of homework assignments, I'd sure appreciate hearing about them!


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