For the purpose of benchmarking this triplet family's position in life, let me say that we have triplet twelve-year-old boys. I will not be revealing their identities by name but let me just say that "Json", "Ason" and "Tson" will be recognized by family and friends. We live in Indianapolis and lead a fairly normal life as far as we are concerned. Others still shake their heads when they think about their own two-year-old and then try to extrapolate to having three of them at the same time. We have no other kids so we know no other way.

A few questioned answered... no, triplets did not run in our family. yes, having triplets was a surprise. How we survived the first few years is a blur and we very much enjoy the fact that the boys can now pour their own milk. We figure we changed around 10,000 diapers in a two year period and don't miss buying them by the pallet at Sam's.

We're through the early years and all the funny stories that go along with toddlers. I'll try and repost some of my early "Father's Corner" articles that captures some of the more hilarious moments. Now we're into teen stuff. Boys-to-men kind of issues. Stay tuned. As parents, we're feelin' our way through this stuff as it's the first time for us magnified times three.


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