The Auto Show

Written when our boys were five... On weekends I would look for things where I could grab the boys and go. Anything to give mom a few hours of peace and quiet so she could gather herself - maybe even take a shower or grab a nap. The auto show seemed like a "guy" thing to do so we started going when there were three and have gone ever since. I'll write about the time we lost Tson at the auto show another time...

What is becoming an annual event for dad and our three triplet boys. This year was our first WS showing (without stroller). It all started as a Saturday morning event with dad and the boys reading the morning paper looking through the auto section for cool cars - or in our case, cars that would hold three car seats. Almost an oxymoron. It grew into the four of us trekking down to the Hoosier Dome and giving mom a much needed break after a wild week of wrapping Christmas presents, writing Christmas cards and tending to three demanding four-year-olds (and a husband home on vacation!). Now that the boys are older, we don’t get the “triplet stare” you can all relate to. That is until we got to the auto show. The first thing we did was check out the rotating car with a model describing the details of the new Chevrolet 16 valve overhead cam engine (as if she could find it!) In the middle of her description with microphone being piped into all sections of the dome, she stopped and asked me if the boys were twins (a common question since Ty is 2 inches shorter than his brothers). I replied, “no, they’re triplets…” and suddenly, the Chevrolet she was describing became secondary to the four of us and about a hundred others who were now staring at us. So much for just a regular outing for dad and the boys! We quickly left the Chevrolet section in hopes that they didn’t hear the commotion at the Toyota stand. After an hour of boys going in and out (and in and out and in and out) of at least 75 cars and trucks, we picked the “best car” award. That’s the award for the car the boys claim as their own. This year, the boys picked the same car I would pick (like father, like sons?), a bright yellow SAAB convertible. Totally impractical for our family needs but a whole lot of horsepower. The boys liked it because the color was the same as the paint they had spread all over the basement carpet. Dad liked it because it was totally impractical for our family needs and he’s pushing 40. Anyway, the SAAB model stopped and asked if they were triplets. I give her credit for not asking if they were twins. If I had known how models were attracted to triplets, I would have rented some in college. After 2 hours, we “hit the wall” and headed for home. Three (make that four) tired boys and another year of memories at the auto show.


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